MPGM Method123 Porgram Management Methodology

Program Management Training and Consulting Services Now Available

The ProgramStep™ Program Management Process (“ProgramStep”) will help program managers successfully manage programs of all kinds. ProgramStep provides the information you need to be a successful program manager, including a step-by-step approach, starting with the basics and getting as sophisticated as you need for your particular program.

A program is designed to manage a group of related projects in a way that provides benefits and control not available by managing each project individually and independently. ProgramStep is a methodology for organizing and managing work as a program. It is flexible and scalable so that it can be applied to programs of all kinds.

TenStep, Inc. understands the value of program management and the challenges in getting it established.  Let us use our program management methodology to help you implement this critical tool in your organization.

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Contents Map
ProgramStep takes you through each area of the Program Management Methodology. These topics are covered in depth:
Build the Schedule
Build the Budget
Manage the Schedule
Manage the Budget
Manage Issues
Manage Scope
Manage Communication
Manage Risk
Manage HR
Manage Quality
Manage Procurement
Manage Stakeholders
Manage Governance